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SubjectRe: ZVC: Increase threshold for larger processor configurationss
On Thu, 29 Jun 2006, Andrew Morton wrote:

> A lot of the counters only ever count in one direction! So we could even
> skew them by an entire STAT_THRESHOLD.

I just tested both approaches separately. If I leave the STAT_THRESHOLD at
32 and just add the STAT_THRESHOLD / 2 trick we can scale cleanly up to
160p in the synthetic test.

I have a bad feeling though for 512p 1024p and 4096p with the static
approach with STAT_THRESHOLD /2 but it will take some time to get tests
done on those.

I think the best right now is to just take the dynamic threshold patch. I
expect that to do just fine at the higher numbers. If we have more trouble
at 1024p then maybe try STAT_THRESHOLD/2 before going to
aggregate counter consolidation.

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