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SubjectRe: [BUG] Linux-2.6.17-rt3 on arm ixdp465
> >
> > > Thank you for your answer, I look at it too...
> > >
> >
> > eepro100 seems to be SMP safe, so it shouldn't be there.
> > Have anyone else used eepro100 with preempt-realtime?

> I use to use it a while back ago, when e100 would screw up my network
> card. But that has been fixed so I don't use eepro100 and I would
> recommend anyone else to switch to e100.

I have been using it because the same reason as you, but simply didn't
noticed that e100 works now ;-)

I switched to e100 and turned debug messages on and got many of these:

BUG: scheduling with irqs disabled: softirq-net-rx//0x00000000/6
caller is schedule+0x10/0x114
[<c0024e24>] (dump_stack+0x0/0x28) from [<c01ae528>] (schedule+0xf8/0x114)
[<c01ae430>] (schedule+0x0/0x114) from [<c01afb60>]
r5 = C01F070C r4 = C4150000
[<c01afa60>] (rt_lock_slowlock+0x0/0x240) from [<c01aff28>]
[<c01aff10>] (__lock_text_start+0x0/0x1c) from [<c0078b08>]
[<c0078adc>] (kfree+0x0/0x84) from [<c002aab0>]
r5 = C4124BE0 r4 = C7C4B6E0
[<c002a9a0>] (dma_unmap_single+0x0/0x1a8) from [<c012766c>]
r8 = C432A3A0 r7 = C41C9BA0 r6 = C41C9B60 r5 = 00000001
r4 = FFC881C0
[<c012738c>] (e100_poll+0x0/0x59c) from [<c0148280>]
[<c01481e0>] (net_rx_action+0x0/0x1a4) from [<c0039020>]
[<c0038f10>] (ksoftirqd+0x0/0x1b0) from [<c00490d8>] (kthread+0x110/0x13c)
[<c0048fc8>] (kthread+0x0/0x13c) from [<c0035054>] (do_exit+0x0/0x998)
r8 = 00000000 r7 = 00000000 r6 = 00000000 r5 = 00000000
r4 = 00000000
| preempt count: 00000000 ]
| 0-level deep critical section nesting:

These messages are different as their source seems to be softirq-net-rx. I
cannot reproduce
the original bug now...

PS: Is latency tracing working on arm platform? I'm unable to get this


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