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SubjectRe: Re: Suspend2 - Request for review & inclusion in -mm
Dear Pavel (and others),

I've been a suspend user since the early days (when Gabor Kuti was working
on it!), and I think it is really a shame that there are so many
issues even after 5+ years.
I've recently upgraded my desktop to SuSE 10.1 with a SuSE 2.6.16 kernel
and swsusp. It's basically working, but for example my serial interface
with a ds2408 one wire controller attached doesn't work post resume. This
has NEVER been a problem with suspend2 (also up to 2.6.16).

You might know that I'm the developer of Fast Online Update for SuSE
(fou4s). The main thing about an online update is comparing versions of
installed packages with those in the update descriptions. In the early
days I had some packages that were just too different, so my algorithm
didn't work. Lars Ellenberg sent me a patch with a completely rewritten
version update code. You know, this was the HEART of my Software, and now
I had to replace it with foreign code!? I could have told my users to wait
another year or two and use YaST OnlineUpdate for those packages instead.
But I decided to dump my own code in favor of -- THE USERS.

As a developer, I understand your pain to dump optimized, nice-written and
maintainable (at least for you!) code. But who is it that we are
developing for? Think about the USERS! There are bugs in swsusp and
there are features (like pressing Escape during suspend) that make life
just so much better with suspend2.

Pavel, please go beyond yourself and try to work together with Nigel. I
know that this is hard, but in the end all people will be happy, even YOU!


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