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SubjectRe: Network namespaces a path to mergable code.
Andrey Savochkin <> writes:

>> A general pattern that happens in cleanups is the discovery
>> that code using an old interface in a problematic way really
>> could be done much better another way. I didn't dig enough
>> to see if that was the case in any of the code that you changed.
> Well, there is obvious improvement of this kind: many protocols walk over
> device list to find devices with non-NULL protocol specific pointers.
> For example, IPv6, decnet and others do it on module unloading to clean up.
> Those places just ask for some simpler standard way of doing it, but I wasn't
> bold enough for such radical change.
> Do you think I should try?

It probably makes sense to asses that after the patches are split up.
Unless you run into something obvious.

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