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SubjectRe: Kernel API Reference Documentation
>>>>>I looked at
>>>>>and you apparently ignore kernel-doc for structs. Cf.
>>>>>include/linux/skbuff.h:177 ff.
>>>>There are several problems. The one you describe is probably caused by a
>>>>blank line between the struct and the related comment. Doxygen doesn't
>>>>recognize it correctly (and simply ignores the comment).
>>>No blank line in this case.
>>Oh, yes, there is a blank line between the comment and the struct. It's
>>a pitty that someone put much effort into writing a usable description,
>>which is then not seen. Anyway, should we find all such occurences in
>>the kernel tree and fix them, or make a workaround for doxygen?
> Which struct are we talking about here? I missed it.
> I guess the easy answer is Both.
> However, I'm working on fixing up the kernel tree, so sending
> patches is correct IMO.

We are currently talking about struct sk_buff. And there _is_ a single
blank line which avoids to make a relation between the struct and the
comment above.


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