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SubjectRe: [RFC][patch 1/4] Network namespaces: cleanup of dev_base list use
Kirill Korotaev <> writes:

>>>Cleanup of dev_base list use, with the aim to make device list per-namespace.
>>>In almost every occasion, use of dev_base variable and dev->next pointer
>>>could be easily replaced by for_each_netdev loop.
>>>A few most complicated places were converted to using
>> As a proof of concept patch this is ok.
>> As a real world patch this is much too big, which prevents review.
>> Plus it takes a few actions that are more than replace just
>> iterators through the device list.
> Mmm, actually it is a whole changeset and should go as a one patch. I didn't
> find it to be big and my review took only 5-10mins..
> I also don't think that mailing each driver maintainer is a good idea.
> Only if we want to make some buzz :)

Thanks for supporting my case. You reviewed it and missed the obvious typo.
I do agree that a patchset doing it all should happen at once.

As for not mailing the maintainers of the code we are changing. That
would just be irresponsible.

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