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SubjectRe: [RFC] [PATCH 1/2] introduce crashboot kernel command line parameter
On Fri, 23 Jun 2006 17:01:21 -0400
Vivek Goyal <> wrote:

> o Add kernel command line option "crashboot"
> o This option is an indication to the kernel that kernel is booting in an
> unreliable environment where possibly BIOS execution has been skipped
> and devices are left operational or in unknown state.
> o Kernel, especially device drivers can use this option to take special
> actions like soft-resetting the device, relaxing some of the rules
> to make sure kernel can boot/device driver can initiliaze in this
> environment.
> o As of today this option is useful to Kdump. Kdump will pass this option
> to second kernel to improve the reliability of successful kenrel boot/
> device driver initializatoin.

It worries me that this will be used to work around driver problems rather
than fixing them properly.

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