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SubjectRe: realtime-preempt for MIPS - compile problem with rwsem
On 6/21/06, Steven Rostedt wrote:
> > In the more common hangs though, I get no output.
> That output looks like it had a deadlock on the serial output of sysrq
> key. But that back trace looks screwy.

That problem actually went away with 2.6.16. All the others remained
unfortunately. (I was not that concerned about that one ... I can
avoid it just by not sending a sysrq ;-). I posted it though since I
did actually have output with that hang).

> Perhaps you can post all the changes you made as a patch to see if
> something else is wrong. It might also be best to see if you can get the
> latest working (2.6.17-rtX) and work your way backwards to the kernel
> version you really need.

I will post the other changes soon. (I am not at the office where I
am working on this yet this morning). I will also try 2.6.17.

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