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    Subject[PATCH 0/6] Improve MSI detection v3
    [PATCH 0/6] Improve MSI detection v3

    Here's another set of patches to cleanup MSI detection.
    There's only blacklisting (cleanup for non-PCI-E chipsets and
    addition of HT cap checks).

    #1 - Merge existing MSI disabling quirks
    #3 - Blacklist PCI-E chipsets depending on Hypertransport MSI capabality
    #4 - Factorize common MSI detection code from pci_enable_msi() and msix()
    #5 - Stop inheriting bus flags and check root chipset bus flags instead
    #6 - Drop pci_msi_quirk

    Only #3 brings an important feature. The others are mostly cosmetic.
    #1 defines a generic quirk to disable MSI. It will probably end up being
    used for lots of MSI-broken chipset.

    These patches are against 2.6.17-rc6-mm2.

    Brice Goglin
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