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SubjectRe: Resource Management Requirements (was "[RFC] CPU controllers?")
On Mon, Jun 19, 2006 at 12:03:23PM -0700, Chandra Seetharaman wrote:
> On Sun, 2006-06-18 at 17:28 +1000, Nick Piggin wrote:
> > OK... let me put it more clearly. What are the requirements?

At a very broad-level, all the requirements pointed by Chandra below boil down
to the requirement of providing guaranteed CPU usage for a group of
tasks and the ability of limiting (hard or soft) CPU usage of other group of

At a finer-level, this broad requirement could be interpreted and implemented
in a number of ways (ex: by having kernel support only task-level limit and
implementing group-level in user-space etc) and thats what this RFC was
about - to discuss what minimal kernel support would be needed to
support the above broad requirement!

> Nick,
> Here are some requirements we(Resource Groups aka CKRM) are working
> towards (Note that this is not limited to CPU alone):
> In a enterprise environment:
> - Ability to group applications into their importance levels and assign
> appropriate amount of resources to them.
> - In case of server consolidation, ability to allocate and control
> resources to a specific group of applications. Ability to
> account/charge according to their usages.
> - manage multiple departments in a single OS instance with ability to
> allocate and control resources department wise (similar to above
> requirement :)
> - ability to guarantee "time to complete" for a specific user
> request (by controlling resource usage starting from the web server
> to the database server).
> - In case of ISPs and ASPs, ability to guarantee/limit usages to
> independent clients (in a single OS instance).
> - Ability to control runaway processes from bringing down the system
> response (DoS attacks, fork bombs etc.,)
> In a university environment (can be treated as a subset of enterprise
> requirements above):
> - Ability to limit resource consumption at individual user level.
> - Ability to control runaway processes.
> - Ability for a user to manage resources allocated to them (as
> explained in the desktop environment below).
> In a desktop environment:
> - Ability to control resource usage of a set of applications
> (ex: infamous updatedb issue).
> - Ability to run different loads and get the expected result (like
> checking emails or browsing Internet while compilation is in
> progress)
> Generic:
> Provide these resource management capabilities with less overhead on
> overall system performance.

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