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    SubjectRe: 2.6.17-rc5-mm2
    On Fri, 2 Jun 2006 21:49:47 +0200
    Ingo Molnar <> wrote:

    > ok, this was yet another slab.c early init assumption ...
    > could try the latest combo patch at:
    > does this one finally boot for you?

    I've applied the single patch. At first I've got problems (lots of
    messages scrolling on the screen, and then a kernel panic). They are
    related to netconsole because disabling it lets me boot :)

    If the problem with netconsole doesn't go away I'll set up a serial
    console to capture the enormous output.

    Paolo Ornati
    >>> Linux 2.6.17-rc5-mm2-lockdep on x86_64 <<<
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