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SubjectNewbie questions on the kernel programming
Hi all,

I am learning linux kernel programming starting from "The Linux Kernel
Module Programming Guide"( . I have
background in Windows DDK, but I am confused on the following topics.
Can anyone here give me some hints.

1) MODULE_PARM() macro (
static short int myshort = 1;
static int myint = 420;
static long int mylong = 9999;
static char *mystring = "blah";

MODULE_PARM (myshort, "h");
MODULE_PARM (myint, "i");
MODULE_PARM (mylong, "l");
MODULE_PARM (mystring, "s");

In the sample code, it is said the MODULE_PARM macro can allow
arguments to be passed to the driver module. But how?

2) Character Device Drivers(
I can not catch the key points in this section. What should I learn
from the "chardev.c" sample? How can I install the module as a device?
How can I call the functions in the driver?

3) The /proc File System(
What's the main points in the section. How does the /proc file system
matter linux kernel programming?

Many thanks!

Liang Chen

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