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    SubjectRe: [Fastboot] [PATCH] kdump: add a missing notifier before crashing
    On Mon, 19 Jun 2006 15:28:23 +0200
    Preben Traerup <> wrote:

    > Strictly speaking for myself: Nothing.
    > Mr. Akiyama Nobuyuk gave an example from his environment which is cluster systems.
    > I was the one saying we in our Telco systems could use this feature too.
    > The only thing Mr. Akiyama Nobuyuk and I have in common is we both would like to do
    > something before crash dumping, simply because the less mess we will have to cleanup
    > afterwards in the system taking over, the better.
    > Mr. Akiyama Nobuyuk operates on SCSI devices to avoid filesystem corruptions.
    > My usage would be more like notifying external management to get traffic
    > redirected to server systems taking over.

    Thanks, Preben.
    I appreciate your good interpretation;-)

    Akiyama, Nobuyuki

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