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SubjectRe: [RFC] CPU controllers?
Sam Vilain wrote:
> Nick Piggin wrote:
>>> The answer is quite simple, people who are consolidating systems and
>>> working with fewer, larger systems, want to mark processes, groups of
>>> processes or entire containers into CPU scheduling classes, then
>>> either fair balance between them, limit them or reserve them a
>>> portion of the CPU - depending on the user and what their
>>> requirements are. What is unclear about that?
>> It is unclear whether we should have hard limits, or just nice like
>> priority levels. Whether virtualisation (+/- containers) could be a
>> good solution, etc.
> Look, that was actually answered in the paragraph you're responding to.
> Once again, give me a set of possible requirements and I'll find you a
> set of users that have them. I am finding this sub-thread quite redundant.

Clearly we can't stuff everything into the kernel. What I'm asking is
what the important functionality is that people want to cover. I don't
know how you could possibly interpret it as anything else.

>> If you want to *completely* isolate N groups of users, surely you
>> have to use virtualisation, unless you are willing to isolate memory
>> management, pagecache, slab caches, network and disk IO, etc.
> No, you have to use separate hardware. Try to claim otherwise and you're
> glossing over the corner cases.

Well, virtualisation seems like it would get you a lot further than
containers for the same amount of work.

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