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SubjectRe: cdrom support with thinkpad x6 ultrabay

Jeremy Fitzhardinge wrote:
> George Nychis wrote:
>> I am looking for support somewhere in the kernel for my thinkpad x6
>> ultrabay's cdrom drive. Whenever I attach the ultrabay it picks up the
>> extra usb ports, seems to pick up the ethernet port, but it fails to
>> pick up anything about the dvd/cd-writer. Nothing shows up in dmesg
>> about the drive at all... anyone know what I might need in the kernel?
>> I am using 2.6.17-rc6
> -mm has some support for the dock, but there isn't support for hot
> add/remove of the optical device yet. I think that's waiting on some
> support in libata, but I'm not exactly sure what's needed.
> At the moment, you either get the dock optical if you boot the machine
> in the dock, and you can never eject the dock, or you get no optical and
> eject works fine.
> J

Thanks for the responses Jeremy and Randy.

I tried taking the acpi dock patch seperately out of the mm patchset by
applying this patch:

it successfully is applied, and i notice that CONFIG_ACPI_DOCK needs to
be set, so I did a "make oldconfig" after applying the patch, expecting
it to ask me whether or not i wanted to support it... it didn't. So
then I manually added "CONFIG_ACPI_DOCK=y" to the .config and built the
kernel, but dock.o is never built... what else do i need to do?

If i can't get hot swappable support yet, I might as well get what is
supported for now so I can atleast use it sometimes :)

Maybe this cry for help will spark someone to finish off the work on hot
swapping the optical drive.

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