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SubjectRe: VGER does gradual SPF activation (FAQ matter)
From: Jeff Garzik <>
Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2006 10:52:32 -0400

> Create two simple web pages, one that shows the last 24 hours' worth of
> LKML posts, and another one that shows the last 24 hours' worth of spam.
> Allow any user on the Internet to report an LKML post as spam, or
> alternately, highlight a false positive as not-spam. (perhaps generate
> one of those wavy-text verify-you-are-a-human graphics)
> Then you, as admin, only have to click a button that accepts or rejects
> the submission(s). If you want to scan it yourself for false positives,
> you just hit the same webpage as everybody else.
> That feedback is then fed into the bayesian system, to train it using
> well-known methods.

I like this idea a lot.
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