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    SubjectRe: PS/2 vs IDE problem on Athlon64 X2
    On Monday 12 June 2006 11:01, Rafael J. Wysocki wrote:
    > On Monday 12 June 2006 09:44, Meelis Roos wrote:
    > > RJW> I have a machnine with Athlon64 X2 and AsRock 939Dual-SATA2 mobo
    > > (based RJW> on the ULI chipset) on which the PS/2 devices (keyboard and
    > > mouse) are in a RJW> bad correlation with IDE, or at least with the
    > > LiteOn DVD burner attached to it.
    > >
    > > I recently got the same mainboard and it works fine for me with CD
    > > reading/writing (LG CDRW, no DVD drive). Just tried yesterday, wrote a
    > > CD at speed 12 and then read it as fast as it could and I did not notice
    > > anything wrong. I'm using PS/2 keyboard and mouse and a very recent git
    > > kernel (2.6.17-rc6+...). Maybe the CD speed is not enough to trigger it.
    > That would probably mean there's a hardware problem with my mobo. Well ...

    This problem certainly sounds like a hardware fault. If you're not using the
    latest BIOS for this board, I suggest you upgrade it.


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