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    SubjectPC card RS-232 freezes the computer

    When I insert "2 port RS-232" PC card/PCMCIA/carbus/whatever card
    (86x53x6mm with a golden strip with 8 nipples and 2x34 connector) into my
    Dell Inspiron 510m notebook with, the computer freezes and
    continues working when I remove it.

    The card label says "2 port RS-232 SUNIX Plug Into A Brand-new World
    S/N: CB 0077996 Made in Taiwan"

    XMMS before freezing plays last 300ms 3 times again.

    dmesg shows
    pccard: CardBus card inserted into slot 0
    pccard: card ejected from slot 0
    MCE: The hardware reports a non fatal, correctable incident occurred on
    CPU 0.
    Bank 0: b200004000000800

    Is the kernel intended to behave this way? If yes, is there a way how
    to configure up the kernel so the computer doesn't freeze and the card
    can be examined with lspci?

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