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SubjectRe: VGER does gradual SPF activation (FAQ matter)
What about using sbl+xbl list?
I used to receive 1200 spam messages a day, with spamhaus only half of

On Sun, Jun 11, 2006 at 01:27:34AM +0300, Matti Aarnio wrote:
> Now that there is even an RFC published about SPF...
> What is SPF ?
> It is one way to to ensure that at SMTP transport level the claimed
> message source domain is valid, and message is coming from place
> where origination domain's administrator has declared that are valid
> source servers for emails claiming to be of that domain.
> It does NOT verify that SMTP origination local part is true.
> It does NOT verify message visible headers.
> Several people have written MTA configurations that test arriving email
> visible "From:" (and sometimes "Sent:") header against SPF data and
> actually violate SPF specification doing that!
> (We have routinely kicked subscribers with that bug from lists..)
> What it gives ?
> It gives us a way to tell the world, that emails claiming to be
> coming from VGER should be accepted only when they really are
> coming from vger. (Complications like recipients incoming MX
> relays are not _our_ problem..)
> We might get slight reduction of back falling junk at vger with
> that - reduction increases when people begin to deploy the SPF
> verification more and more widely into their receiving email servers.
> (And do it correctly...)
> Will VGER begin to verify SPF in incoming email ?
> Yes, sometime this summer.
> What will break ?
> You really should go and read SPF documents and guides and FAQs at:
> Very little will break, but one should really consider converting
> their email sending methodology to one, which uses fewest possible
> number of servers, publish that data in DNS, and always send all
> emails thru those servers.
> In longer run the amount of irresponsible (incurable) network security
> holes (known as Windows) shows no sign of becoming extinct at adsl -lines,
> so there will be increased pressure to demand sender identification
> (and verification) during email sending - viruses can't do that yet...
> And when they learn, user with infection can be trivially identified
> and contacted/blocked. At the same time I do find it most likely that
> ADSL-lines (and modems) will no longer be allowed to send _anywhere_
> over plain SMTP.
> In order to be able to send email, a "SUBMISSION" protocol does exist,
> and is relatively easy to get working with for example the Thunderbird.
> Better would be having a button "use submission service" in its account
> setup.. (And similar in Outlook/O.Express...)
> /Matti Aarnio -- one of postmaster at
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