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    SubjectRe: 2.6.17-rc5-mm1
    On Thu, 01 Jun 2006 17:34:10 +0100
    Andy Whitcroft <> wrote:

    > Last time I tried to split search -mm1 and she was being a hideous pig,
    > I just couldn't get any bit of it to compile without the rest.

    You shouldn't bisect blindly.

    Looking at the series file


    megaraid_sas-add-support-for-zcr-controller-fix.patch is a fix against
    megaraid_sas-add-support-for-zcr-controller.patch, so if the bisection
    lands you on megaraid_sas-add-support-for-zcr-controller.patch then
    obviously one should apply
    megaraid_sas-add-support-for-zcr-controller-fix.patch by hand as well.

    You'll often find great streams of similarly-named contiguous patches - you
    should apply either all of them or none of them. Otherwise you're testing
    a known-to-be-broken kernel which has an already-available fix ;)
    describes the bisection technique I use.

    If you're using git-bisect, well, try to have a nice day anyway.

    > Will try and track this down with the new -mm.

    Would be great, thanks.
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