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SubjectRe: [openib-general] [PATCH 07/16] ehca: interrupt handling routines
>     Heiko> Yes, I agree. It would not be an optimal solution, because
> Heiko> other upper level protocols (e.g. SDP, SRP, etc.) or
> Heiko> userspace verbs would not be affected by this
> Heiko> changes. Nevertheless, how can an improved "scaling" or
> Heiko> "SMP" version of IPoIB look like. How could it be
> Heiko> implemented?
> The trivial way to do it would be to use the same idea as the current
> ehca driver: just create a thread for receive CQ events and a thread
> for send CQ events, and defer CQ polling into those two threads.
> Something even better may be possible by specializing to IPoIB of
> course.

The hardware IRQ should go to some CPU close to the hardware itself.
softirq (or whatever else) should go to the same CPU that is handling
user-level task for that message. Or a CPU close to it, at least.


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