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    SubjectRe: [RFC] [PATCH 6/6] Kprobes: Remove breakpoints from the copied pages
    On Tue, 9 May 2006, Prasanna S Panchamukhi wrote:
    > This patch removes the breakpoints if the pages read from the page
    > cache contains breakpoints. If the pages containing the breakpoints
    > is copied from the page cache, the copied image would also contain
    > breakpoints in them. This could be a major problem for tools like
    > tripwire etc and cause security concerns, hence must be prevented.
    > This patch hooks up the actor routine, checks if the executable was
    > a probed executable using the file inode and then replaces the
    > breakpoints with the original opcodes in the copied image.

    You've done a nice job of making the code look like kernel code
    throughout, it's a much tidier patchset than many.

    With that said... it looks to me like one of the scariest and
    most inappropriate sets I can remember. Getting the kernel to
    connive in presenting an incoherent view of its pagecache:
    I don't think we'd ever want that.

    There's all kinds of things that could be said about the details
    (your locking is often insufficient, for example); but there's a
    lot going on, and it doesn't seem worth going through this line
    by line, when the whole concept seems so unwelcome.

    You've a big task to convince people that this is something the
    Linux kernel will want: and perhaps you'll succeed - good luck.

    But please approach what you're trying to do from userspace:
    you can patch the binaries from there if you wish (but not on
    my system, thanks). Or perhaps you can patch it all into the
    kernel via kprobes itself, but I wouldn't recommend it.

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