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    SubjectRe: High load average on disk I/O on 2.6.17-rc3
    On Mon, May 08, 2006 at 05:31:29PM +0200, Arjan van de Ven wrote:
    > On Mon, 2006-05-08 at 17:22 +0200, Erik Mouw wrote:
    > > ... except that any kernel < 2.6 didn't account tasks waiting for disk
    > > IO.
    > they did. It was "D" state, which counted into load average.

    They did not or at least to a much lesser extent. That's the reason why had a mail DoS during the last FC release and why we
    see load average questions on lkml.

    I've seen it on our servers as well: when using 2.4 and doing 50 MB/s
    to disk (through NFS), the load just was slightly above 0. When we
    switched the servers to 2.6 it went to ~16 for the same disk usage.


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