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    SubjectRe: 2.6.17-rc5-mm1
    Andrew Morton wrote:
    > "Martin J. Bligh" <> wrote:
    >>Andrew Morton wrote:
    >>>Martin Bligh <> wrote:
    >>>>The x86_65 panic in LTP has changed a bit. Looks more useful now.
    >>>>Possibly just unrelated new stuff. Possibly we got lucky.
    >>>What are you doing to make this happen?
    >>runalltests on LTP
    > We have to get to the bottom of this - there's a shadow over about 500
    > patches and we don't know which.

    We did do one chop, and concluded it wasn't the x86_64 patches.

    > iirc I tried to reproduce this a couple of weeks back and failed.

    It looks like a different panic to me. It was a double-fault before.

    > Are you able to narrow it down to a particular LTP test? It was mtest01 or
    > something like that? Perhaps we can identify a particular command line
    > which triggers the fault in a standalone fashion?

    I can't do much from here - it's running on an IBM machine. Have to beg
    Andy, or one of the other IBMers, for help.

    > And why can't I make it happen? Perhaps it's a memory initialisation
    > problem, and it only happens to hit in that stage of LTP because that's
    > when you started doing page reclaim, or something?

    It consistently happens on -mm, and not mainline, flicking back and
    forth over time. So if you mean h/w mem init, I don't think so. if you
    mena some patch in -mm, then yes.

    > Perhaps just try putting a heap of memory pressure on the machine,
    > see what that does?

    Yes, the other stuff might not be swapping.

    > Being unable to reproduce it and not having a theory to go on leaves us
    > kinda stuck. Help, please?

    Yeah, we have a sniff-testing mechanism that works well. However,
    drill-down still requires significant amounts of human intervention.
    The next gen of stuff should help do more intelligent stuff, but we're
    kind of stuck with human-ness for now.


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