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SubjectRe: OpenGL-based framebuffer concepts
On Monday May 29, wrote:
> >
> > There is plenty of work to do on graphics and lots of flame wars too.
> Not by me. I give up - nothing I might do stands a smowballs chance in hell of
> surviving in a recognizable form through the web of kernel politics.

I must say I find that quite disappointing.
It seemed like you had the background knowledge, the enthusiasm and
the time to make something happen here, and I think everyone agrees
that something needs to happen.

You seem to be caught at an impasse between Jon and Dave without a
clear idea who is "right" - I know I have no clear idea! I suspect
that they are both right and are both wrong, but figuring which bit is
which will be tricky. Very.

And we really have no tie-breaker mechanism in the kernel - I know
Linus is very loathe to play that role. Negotiation, compromise, and
persistence are what is needed.

I suspect that to make progress you will have to start out by doing
something that you don't completely agree with. But that doesn't need
to be a loss. It will be both a learning experience and a credibility
earning exercise.

Maybe if you are really genuine about putting effort into this we
should see if something can be arranged to get you to the
kernel-summit so that you, Jon, and Dave can yell at each other for a
while and come to some understanding:-)

Anyway, while I personal cannot offer you any incentives I would
implore you: don't give up. At least not yet.

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