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    SubjectRe: How to check if kernel sources are installed on a system?
    On Mon, 29 May 2006 00:05:12 PDT, 4Front Technologies said:
    > But regparm requires that ALL parts linked into the module need to have regparm
    > defined. So it's another headache to write makefiles for the kernel independant
    > part to figure out if the distro support regparm or not.

    Not true at all.. Or at least not for the most infamous module out there:

    % grep NV_API_CALL *.h | head
    nv.h:#if !defined(NV_API_CALL)
    nv.h:#define NV_API_CALL __attribute__((regparm(0)))
    nv.h:#define NV_API_CALL
    nv.h:void* NV_API_CALL nv_dma_to_mmap_token (nv_state_t *, NvU64);
    nv.h:void* NV_API_CALL nv_alloc_kernel_mapping (nv_state_t *, NvU64, U032, void **);
    nv.h:S032 NV_API_CALL nv_free_kernel_mapping (nv_state_t *, void *, void *);
    nv.h:NvU64 NV_API_CALL nv_get_kern_phys_address (NvU64);
    nv.h:NvU64 NV_API_CALL nv_get_user_phys_address (NvU64);
    nv.h:void* NV_API_CALL nv_get_adapter_state (U016, U016);
    nv.h:void NV_API_CALL nv_lock_rm (nv_state_t *);

    So there's routines facing the rest of the kernel - those *do* need to have a
    regparm that matches the kernel. But internal to the module, you can have some
    other regparm value - the requirement is only that the prototype needs to have
    the same regparm as the function body is actually compiled with.

    I seem to remember that parts of the *mainline* kernel use 'asmlinkage'
    for similar reasons.... ;)
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