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    SubjectRe: How to send a break? - dump from frozen 64bit linux
    On 28/05/06, Haar János <> wrote:
    > I can only use swap _file_ in this config, and swapping into file is
    > relatively slow.

    Not so. With a 2.4.x kernel swap files were slower than swap
    partitions, but with the 2.6 kernel a swap file is just as fast as a
    swap partition.

    > >
    > > 2) You should try the latest stable kernel. Currently that's
    > > (
    > > There have been lots of fixes added since 2.6.15.x and perhaps you are
    > > lucky that whatever is giving you trouble has already been fixed in
    > > that kernel.
    > Hmm.
    > Last time, when i try the 2.6.16.x, i have lost close to 4000 users home,
    > and documents on XFS filesystem!
    > (a lot of directory have renamed to "/*" like this one: "/ost+found" in the
    > root.)
    > I don't want to try it again! :-)

    That sounds like a pretty serious bug.
    Are you sure it was caused by the kernel?
    Did you report the bug to LKML & the XFS maintainers so it can get fixed?

    Jesper Juhl <>
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