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    SubjectRe: How to send a break? - dump from frozen 64bit linux
    On 28/05/06, Haar János <> wrote:
    > Can somebody tell me, what is wrong exactly?
    I can't tell you exactely what's wrong unfortunately, but after
    looking at your dump & dmesg I notice two things that might be worth
    trying to change :

    1) You seem to be running without any swap space at all. I't usually a
    good idea always to have some swap configured - try adding a swap
    (note: I don't think this will help with your current problem, it's
    just a good thing to do generally).

    2) You should try the latest stable kernel. Currently that's
    There have been lots of fixes added since 2.6.15.x and perhaps you are
    lucky that whatever is giving you trouble has already been fixed in
    that kernel.

    > Anyway, i interested about, how can i -a single user- interpret these dump
    > to made error reporting more useful?
    You can find some info in Documentation/sysrq.txt &
    Documentation/oops-tracing.txt .
    As for posting good error/bug reports, please read the REPORTING-BUGS
    file in the root of the kernel source dir.

    Jesper Juhl <>
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