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SubjectRecent x86-64 patch causes many devices to disappear

The following patch made A TON of devices disappear on my HP XW9300
system. I complained the day it was committed, but alas...

> commit 5491d0f3e206beb95eeb506510d62a1dab462df1
> Author: Andi Kleen <>
> Date: Mon May 15 18:19:41 2006 +0200
> [PATCH] i386/x86_64: Force pci=noacpi on HP XW9300
> This is needed to see all devices.

Finally, I was able to get to testing it, and provide proof that a
shitload of devices do indeed disappear:

*.rc4 - rc4, plus some libata changes, PCI domains disabled
*.rc5 - rc5-git1, PCI domains disabled
*.rc5-pcidom - rc5-git1, PCI domains enabled

As the patch doesn't work, and the description is proven patently false,
maybe we can now consider reverting it and making a better patch? My
Marvell SATA and MPT Fusion devices are no longer available, as a diff
between lspci.rc5 and lspci.rc5-pcidom demonstrates.


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