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SubjectRe: [RFC]disable msi mode in pci_disable_device
Andrew Morton wrote:
>> In
>> his usage, pci_save_state will be called at runtime, and later (after
>> the device operates for some time and has an error) pci_restore_state
>> will be called.
> Is that a sane thing for a driver to be doing? (Not relevant to this issue
> though).

The aim is to be able to recover from a memory parity error in the NIC.
Such errors happen sometimes, especially when a cosmic ray comes by. To
recover, we restore the state that we saved at the end of the
initialization. As saving currently disables MSI, we currently have to
restore the state right after saving it at the end of the initialization
(see the end of
myri10ge_probe in

I just tried, the patch fixes our problem (no need to restore right
after saving to reenable MSI).


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