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SubjectRe: How to check if kernel sources are installed on a system?
On Thu, 2006-05-25 at 15:15 -0700, 4Front Technologies wrote:
> It doesn't matter if it's open sound or ALSA!. Lee, why don't you go
> down the ALSA user mailing lists and count the number of 0-Compilation
> bug reports?

I know - I am on all the ALSA lists and read every bug report. And in
fact compilation errors are quite rare. The numbers are misleading
because "0-Compilation error" is the default category in the bug tracker
and lots of users don't set it correctly ;-)

It is unfortunate that users hitting an already-fixed bug have to
compile it themselves, but I think the solution is for the distros to
follow ALSA a bit more closely and apply the critical "no sound" fixes
to their packages rather than waiting for the next release. I know for
a fact that Ubuntu does this.


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