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SubjectRe: OpenGL-based framebuffer concepts
Jeff Garzik wrote:
>> would also pick up the ability to reset secondary cards at boot.
> But if you think the kernel will grow an x86 emulator, you're dreaming.
> That's what initramfs and friends are for.

I really don't want to push the x86 emulator idea, especially when
kernel gurus that I respect very much, such as yourself, seem to be
against it.

It just seems awkward that everyone thinks its fine to have a 30Kb ACPI
interpreter in the kernel that loads a DSDT and executes it, but a 30Kb
x86 emulator that loads a video ROM and executes it is completely absurd.

Some PC's need an ACPI interpreter to function properly, some video
cards need a x86 emulator to function properly.

Why is everyone so keen on keeping the video drivers crippled, but no
one says "ACPI should be done from user space with user mode helpers"?

Paulo Marques -

Pointy-Haired Boss: I don't see anything that could stand in our way.
Dilbert: Sanity? Reality? The laws of physics?
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