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    SubjectRe: Compact Flash Serial ATA patch
    markus reichelt wrote:
    > * Alan Cox <> wrote:
    >> On Maw, 2006-05-23 at 04:16 -0600, Russell McConnachie wrote:
    >>> I am not exactly a programmer, I'm sure this can be written much
    >>> better but for anyone who may run into a similar problem with
    >>> compact flash.
    >> Some CF adapters do not include all the neccessary pins for DMA
    >> because they were designed to be cheap before the idea of CF using
    >> DMA seemed realistic.
    > Some CF adapters I've seen included all necessary pins but the pin
    > connections for DMA were missing. Someone at a slackware mailing list
    > was having the same problem, and if I recall correctly (better check
    > specs though) it can be fixed quite easily:
    > CF pin 44: disconnect from +V, connect to IDE pin 29.
    > CF pin 43: connect to IDE pin 21.
    > Typical transfer rates increased to about 10-12 MB/s
    No more than that? I have a CF card on parallel IDE,
    hdparm can read 20MB/s from it with the 4GB 100xKingston
    card I use to boot from. Of course this card was bought
    precisely for its speed (and size).

    Helge Hafting

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