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SubjectRe: [PATCH 7/14] random: Remove SA_SAMPLE_RANDOM from network drivers

On 2006-05-06, at 20:05, Theodore Tso wrote:

> Agreed, but I'd an additional point of nuance; this assumes that the
> attacker (call him Boris for the sake of argument) can actually gain
> access to enough /dev/random or /dev/urandom outputs, and be
> knowledgable about all other calls to /dev/random and exactly when
> they happen (since entropy extractions cause the TSC to be mixed into
> the pool) so Boris can can actually determine the contents of the
> pool. Note that simply "breaking" a cryptographic hash, in the sense
> of finding two input values that collide to the same output value,
> does not mean that the hash has been sufficiently analyzed that it
> would be possible to accomplish this feat. And given that it took
> 80,000 CPU hours to determine find this collision, and the complexity
> of the attack was 2**51, it seems highly likely that with a poolsize
> of 4096 bits, that it would take a huge amount of /dev/random
> extractions, complete with the exact TSC timestamp when the
> extractions were happening, such that an attacker would be able to
> have enough information to break the pool.

Anytime you start to make unquantified assumptions in the context of /
the issue turns up that this whole thing is not worth the trouble
because much
simpler approaches will be sufficient enough to acomplish what it
does. On the other
hand you can't provide any actual full analysis of it's behaviour -
which is just
*not acceptable* for anybody trully concerned. And this in
conjunction makes the WHOLE
idea behind it questionable.

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