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SubjectRe: AMD 8131 MSI quirk called too late, bus_flags not inherited ?
Quoting r. Greg KH <>:
> > Right, thanks. Greg, what do you think of putting the attached patch in
> > 2.6.17 ?
> Ok, does everyone agree that this patch fixes the issues for them?

Worked here on a PCI-X AMD-8131 based system.


Offtopic, something I wanted to bring up with respect to MSI,
but never had the time to debug:

If I do

pci_enable_msix, pci_disable_msix

then later


on the same device fails with the following message:
PCI: 0000:08:00.0: Can't enable MSI. Device already has MSI-X vectors assigned

This is not something new - has been happening since forever.
Looks like not all MSI-X vectors get properly unassigned by pci_disable_msix.

One way to test this is by loading mthca driver with msi_x=1, unloading
and loading with msi=1.

Someone has any idea what's wrong?

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