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SubjectRe: Linux Kernel Source Compression
> Was curious as to which utilities would offer the best compression ratio for
> the kernel source, I thought it'd be bzip2 or rar but lzma wins, roughly 6 MiB
> smaller than bzip2.
You forgot:
- .7z 7zip
- .j JAR (
- .ice LHICE (some sort of "brother" to lharc aka lzh)
- .ace ACE (
- UPX (yes!, you just need to put '#!/\n' at the front)
- .cab MS CAB (use winace)
- .bh BlackHole
- .pak PKARC 2.51
- .sqz SqueezeIt
- "LZEXE" - you'll find some there
happy packing :)

> 38064 linux-

- is this rzip with _maximum_ distance?

Jan Engelhardt
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