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    SubjectRe: replacing X Window System !
    On 5/19/06, linux cbon <> wrote:
    > Are "DRIs" the best available open-source drivers for
    > old ATI cards ?

    > Done by reverse engineering ?
    Nope. As I understand it, the R200 drivers and earlier are written
    from actual specs submitted to the hackers by ATi
    (under some NDAs).
    The R300/R400 stuff is being reverse-engineered.

    > And not all functions are usable :-(.
    Most of it is there: hardware video scaling (XVideo), OpenGL hardware
    acceleration where available, DDC/I2C support, MergedFB/Xinerama
    (multi-head setups), Render acceleration (yay for EXA!) etc. The only
    major thing that isn't to my knowledge is the S3TC texture compression
    (due to patents?).

    > What about newer ATI or Nvidia cards ? A hope for
    > something better ?
    Intel's published specs and open source drivers for their integrated
    video chips (which can do cool things like XvMC, etc.). From speaking
    with a couple of hackers, the GMA 900/950 stuff is supposed to
    have nearly equivalent performance to a Radeon 9500 or so. (Thanks,

    > By the way : did you know of this project about an
    > "open source graphic card" ?
    > Hardware specs are open, so no need of [NDA] and
    > open-source drivers coding easier :
    > (still a project).
    I'm hoping to be able to buy one Real Soon Now(TM). :)

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