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SubjectRe: [dm-crypt] dm-crypt is broken and causes massive data corruption
On 5/11/06, Paul Slootman <> wrote:

> A data point:
> I'm running my /home on reiserfs3 over dm-crypt over lvm over raid5 for
> at least a year now, without any problems. Currently running
> (that's my "stable" work system...).


Linux fileserver #1 PREEMPT Wed Mar 8 20:26:55 EST 2006
x86_64 GNU/Linux

encrypted logical volume on a raid-5 MD on 4 SATA drives, mounted reiser3.


It's worked through multiple kernels, and moving from 32 to 64bits.
2.6.11 (64-bit) 2.6.10 (64bit) 2.6.8 (32bit) is the kernel history I
have so far. I'm not sure when I switched from cryptoloop to dm-crypt
though, at least before may '05.

I'm not running dm-crypt directly on MD, though, the stack is
SATA->MD->DM->DM-crypt->reiser3. That may be the difference.

I've got plenty of free space, I could make a ~75gb encrypted
partition and run any sort
of write pattern test/filesystem you want me to try.
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