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SubjectRe: acpi4asus
Lukas Hejtmanek <> wrote:
> Hello,
> is project acpi4asus still alive?

I know of no such project.

> (I'm asking here whether Andrew or Linus are
> receiving patches from acpi guys). For me, it looks like this is somewhat dead.

Well actually I receive asus patches from various people and send them to
the acpi developers and nothing happens. So I resend and eventually a few

The ACPI team are trying to get away from these machine-specific ACPI
drivers in favour of doing everything correctly within AML, but there
doesn't seem to be a lot of progress with that afaict.

> I posted patch to include Asus M6A support to both lkm and acpi4asus list but no
> response. I only noticed, that Andrew once tried to include in -mm but I did not
> see it there anyway.

Missed it - please resend.
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