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    SubjectColdpluging or USB Issues ?
    For start, i don't know if a big part of the problem is not cause by 
    userland tools and not the kernel itself, but i think is proper to ask
    this questions here as there are a lot of people who can guide me to the
    right place to search for information.

    We are developing a custom debian sarge based linux distribution focused
    on home entertainment & other. Since we made the switch from 2.6.13 to
    2.6.15 we come to a lot of problems cause by coldpluging, sometimes the
    module for various usb devices are not loaded at boot (by the hotplug
    scripts). Since the hotplug script that we use with 2.6.15 are the same
    with the one that we've been using with 2.6.13 i suspect that something
    in the kernel changed because they used to work flawless with the older
    version. For the last week we updated to hoping that it fixes
    this issue but nothing has changed, the problem is still there, we even
    had bigger problem, not directly related to coldplug, when a computer
    had multiple usb devices attached it worked for a while that all the usb
    system stoped working, when rebooting , it even blocked when loading the
    modules for usb, we needed to remove some of the usb devices to get it
    boot again.

    We tried switching from the debian default bash hotplug scripts and use
    a alternative version written in perl but the problem are still there so
    the idea that this has something to do with the kernel is getting closer
    to reality.

    As far as i know since 2.6.15 there is a new coldplug mechanism using
    uevent and switching to a newer version of udevd that can do the cold
    plugging and replacing the old hotplug scripts would be the natural next
    step but before doing this i need to ask some questions like :
    1) Where there any changes sine 2.6.15 that could cause the old hotplug
    scripts to work reliable because most part of the time (95%) they are
    working ?
    2) Upgrading to newer version of udevd to let the udev scripts to do
    the coldpluging can solve any issues that where described ?

    If any of you wants to debug the problems fill free to contact me as i
    can provide you with all the needed information.

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