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    SubjectRe: Updated libata PATA patch

    Le Tue, 09 May 2006 18:44:36 +0100, Alan Cox a écrit :

    > - Re-enable per device speed setting
    > - Fix VIA cable detect bug (reporter: Mathieu Castet)
    > - Fix AMD cable detect bug (reporter: Sangoi Leonard)
    > - Fix CS5535 build (reporter: Meelis Roos)
    > - Trap 0 IRQ case
    > - Fix IRQ allocation for pata_pcmcia (reporter: Kevin Radloff)
    Another bug on pata_via :

    in via_do_set_mode "mode" argument is never used and ata_timing_compute
    always use adev->pio_mode and never adev->dma_mode.
    That should explain why viaideinfo report broken timing.


    PS : matthieu have 2 't'

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