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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 3/6] myri10ge - Driver header files
    A few quick obvious comments:

    > +#ifdef MYRI10GE_MCP
    > +typedef signed char int8_t;
    > +typedef signed short int16_t;
    > +typedef signed int int32_t;
    > +typedef signed long long int64_t;
    > +typedef unsigned char uint8_t;
    > +typedef unsigned short uint16_t;
    > +typedef unsigned int uint32_t;
    > +typedef unsigned long long uint64_t;
    > +#endif

    What's this doing? If you must use uintXX_t types the kernel already
    has them. Although it would be nicer to use u8, u16, etc.

    > +/* 8 Bytes */
    > +typedef struct
    > +{
    > + uint32_t high;
    > + uint32_t low;
    > +} mcp_dma_addr_t;

    All of these typedefs are unnecessary. In the kernel it's strongly
    preferred to just do

    struct mcp_dma_addr {
    u32 high;
    u32 low;

    and then use "struct mcp_dma_addr" instead of "mcp_dma_addr_t".

    Similarly for enums. Just use "enum whatever" instead of "whatever_t".

    BTW, indentation is busted in these headers too (two spaces instead of a tab).

    - R.
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