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    SubjectRe: [discuss] [RFC] make PC Speaker driver work on x86-64
    >> Is there a better way to do this? ACPI?
    >Maybe. ACPI folks, any opinion?
    >-Andi (known to rip out the speaker cables in new machines)

    Leave the cables, try this for ttyX:

    diff --fast -Ndpru linux-2.6.16-rc1-git3-SUSE20060124/drivers/char/vt.c linux-2.6-AS24/drivers/char/vt.c
    --- linux-2.6.16-rc1-git3-SUSE20060124/drivers/char/vt.c 2006-01-28 19:01:17.000000000 +0100
    +++ linux-2.6-AS24/drivers/char/vt.c 2006-01-28 19:01:18.860985000 +0100
    @@ -115,7 +115,7 @@ const struct consw *conswitchp;
    * Here is the default bell parameters: 750HZ, 1/8th of a second
    #define DEFAULT_BELL_PITCH 750

    extern void vcs_make_devfs(struct tty_struct *tty);
    extern void vcs_remove_devfs(struct tty_struct *tty);
    X seems silent by default for me, if not, you can configure it too.
    But ttyX always get reset to HZ/8 when you make a tty reset, which is why I
    put 0 as a default.

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