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    Subject[PATCH 000 of 11] md: Introduction - assort md enhancements for 2.6.18
    The follow 11 patch are assorted tidy-ups and functionality
    enhancements suitable for 2.6.18 when that opens up.

    More interesting patches are:
    5 - merge raid5 and raid6 code into a single module. There is a lot
    of common code here, and there are advantages in uniting it all.
    8 - allow a linear array to be expanded while online by adding an
    extra drive.
    10- A new flavour of 'raid10' which matches one of the layouts
    supported by 'DDF' - an industry standard raid metadata format
    which might be supported one day. This will need an updated
    mdadm to experiment with.


    [PATCH 001 of 11] md: Reformat code in raid1_end_write_request to avoid goto
    [PATCH 002 of 11] md: Remove arbitrary limit on chunk size.
    [PATCH 003 of 11] md: Remove useless ioctl warning.
    [PATCH 004 of 11] md: Increase the delay before marking metadata clean, and make it configurable.
    [PATCH 005 of 11] md: Merge raid5 and raid6 code
    [PATCH 006 of 11] md: Remove nuisance message at shutdown
    [PATCH 007 of 11] md: Allow checkpoint of recovery with version-1 superblock.
    [PATCH 008 of 11] md: Allow a linear array to have drives added while active.
    [PATCH 009 of 11] md: Support stripe/offset mode in raid10
    [PATCH 010 of 11] md: make md_print_devices() static
    [PATCH 011 of 11] md: Split reshape portion of raid5 sync_request into a separate function.
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