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    SubjectRe: alpha DEAD on >=2.6.16-rc3
    leonie herzberg wrote:
    > Hi. I already posted a bugreport on the bugzilla
    > ( but I feel no one is
    > recognizing that; and as I see it, it's a rather hard bug since it
    > throws a kernel panic immediately at boot time. I believe it has to do
    > with the change made in 2.6.16-rc3 concerning "cpu_possible_map". None
    > of the newer kernel versions works.
    > As you can see at the first (and up to now, only) comment, this is not
    > only my problem.
    > Maybe it appears only in connection with SMP. I can't tell.

    I'm not sure if this is similar or not. I compiled 2.6.16 for my alpha 2
    days ago. I've had nothing but lockup/halting problems with it and went back
    to 2.4.

    This is a noritake machine (alphaserver 1000a 4/266) 160mb ram and a mylex
    dac960pdu (IIRC) raid controller.

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