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    SubjectHow to correct ELCR? - was Re: [PATCH 2.6.16] Shared interrupts sometimes lost
    On Saturday April 8, wrote:
    > Neil Brown wrote:
    > > However there is room for a race here. If an event occurs between
    > > the read and the write, then this will NOT de-assert the IRQ line.
    > > It will remain asserted throughout.
    > >
    > > Now if the IRQ is handled as an edge-triggered line (which I believe
    > > they are in Linux), then losing this race will mean that we don't see
    > > any more interrupts on this line.
    > PCI interrupts should always be level triggered, not edge triggered

    Ok... so I guess I jumped to the wrong conclusion. Thanks for
    straightening me out.
    But it is behaving like edge-triggered..

    So I have explored about the i8259 (wikipedia helped) and discovered
    the ELCR (Edge/Level Control Register). Apparently this is meant to
    be set up by the BIOS to the correct values. It seems that this isn't

    It seems to get the value 0x0800 which corresponds to IRQ11 being the
    only level-triggered interrupt. But I need IRQ10 to be level
    triggered. I hacked the code to set the 0x0400 bit, and it seems to
    work OK without my other patch.

    Now I just need a way to set this correctly at boot time without a

    I currently have Linux compiled without ACPI support (as I don't
    really want that and being an oldish notebook I gather it has a good
    chance of causing problems) so that isn't fiddling with the ELCR.

    So thank you for helping me a step further in understand, but now I
    have a new question:

    How can I make sure the ELCR is set correctly?
    and I guess,
    What is the correct setting?

    My /proc/interrupts is below.



    0: 505852 XT-PIC timer
    1: 10 XT-PIC i8042
    2: 0 XT-PIC cascade
    4: 10 XT-PIC serial
    8: 4 XT-PIC rtc
    10: 16442 XT-PIC yenta, yenta, ohci_hcd:usb1, ohci_hcd:usb2, ehci_hcd:usb4, eth0
    11: 0 XT-PIC uhci_hcd:usb3
    12: 110 XT-PIC i8042
    14: 5114 XT-PIC ide0
    15: 38 XT-PIC ide1
    NMI: 0
    ERR: 0
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