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SubjectRe: menuconfig search (Re: [rfc] fix Kconfig, hotplug_cpu is needed for swsusp)
On Sat, 8 Apr 2006 10:42:46 +0200 (MEST) Jan Engelhardt wrote:

> >> I find it very confusing to use, since it returns too verbose text to skim
> >> through. Probably the search function should be split into "only search
> >> titles[*]" and "search description too".
> >
> >Re verbosity: do you know that menuconfig search (/) takes regular
> >expressions?
> Regexes are not mentioned in the "Help" menu.

It is mentioned in the Help text after one enters '/'.

│ Search for CONFIG_ symbols and display their relations. │
│ Regular expressions are allowed. │
│ Example: search for "^FOO" │

> >That could help someone limit the amount of output
> >from it.
> >Can you give an example of being too verbose?
> / UNIX
> Symbol: UNIX [=y]
> Prompt: Unix domain sockets
> Defined at net/unix/Kconfig:5
> Depends on: NET
> Location:
> -> Networking
> -> Networking support (NET [=y])
> -> Networking options
> ...
> What would be more useful:
> Unix domain sockets
> Networking > Networking Support > Networking options
> Unixware slices support
> File systems > Advanced ...
> I.e. strip the Defined and Depends lines and crunch the Location lines inasfar
> as that the full width of the window is used (break at col 70).

I don't see any need to limit it to 70 columns wide. It knows how to
scroll left/right (using arrow keys).

> Just a symbol
> File systems > Advanced filesystems > Very advanced filesystems >\n
> Extremely advanced filesystems > Deep filesystem
> >I have just modified menuconfig search to make displaying the
> >Selects: and Selected by: output be an option (actually it's a
> >different search command (\) to not see those lines.
> >Would that help any regarding verbosity?
> At the moment, entering e.g. UNIX in both the / and \ menus return the very
> same output. Bug?
> The \ should include everything what the original / had, plus the symbol
> description ("Say Y here if ....").

Nope, the only thing that the "reduced" search excludes atm is SELECT info.
From my original email, as you quoted above, the less-verbose '\' search
only eliminates the Selects: and Selected by: output, and the UNIX
config symbols don't have any SELECT info.

I don't know if we are converging any, but I made a new patch:

This one changes the default '/' search to NOT be verbose and the
new, extended '\' search to be verbose. The non-verbose search omits
Selects:, Selected by:, and Location: information.

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