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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Add a /proc/self/exedir link
On Thu, 6 Apr 2006, Mike Hearn wrote:

> > IMO the program must be aware of the get-my-exedir feature, just configuring
> > --prefix=/proc/... is aiming for your feet.
> I disagree, though /proc/self/exedir may not be the right answer. The
> problem with the original proposal is there's no concept of a group
> leader to which files are resolved relative to so there is this problem
> with child processes.

The problem ist the word 'the'. If parent and child are using 'the foo',
they will clash.

> I sent a mail outlining a scheme that used file descriptor passing to
> achieve the same effect but with the needed "inheritance" of the path,
> but, vger seems to have munched it! At least I don't see it on the gmane
> archives. But the scheme is simple enough:
> * get_prefix() reads /proc/self/exe and turns it into the correct
> directory
> * dup2(open(get_my_exedir()), 999)
> * ./configure --prefix=/proc/self/fd/999

bin/foo calls bin/bar refering to /proc/self/fd/999
bin_2/bar does dup2(open(get_my_exedir()), 999) ***FUBAR***

possible solution:

don't dup2, and only close fds you opened yourself.

Disadvantage: Leaky (too), may break scripts.

.oO(Can you chroot a single filedescriptor or somehow make
/proc/self/fd/$n/.. be unavailable?)

> It also restricts the problem to passing paths to other processes that
> are not subprocesses (eg via rpc). But as each process can have its own
> namespace this will always be an issue that needs careful treatment, and
> the pain of adjusting software to realpath() it is much lower than
> modifying every path in every piece of software. That approach was
> already tried and sucks.

There may be no "real path" corresponding to /proc/self/fd/4711.

IMO it's still best to just symlink the program directory to the correct
place and make the programs search in e.g. ~/opt/ and /opt/.
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