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SubjectRe: [patch 11/26] IPOB: Move destructor from neigh->ops to neigh_param
    David> Major NAK.

David> This does not fix a bug, it is merely and API change that
David> the inifiniband folks want for some of their infrastructure.

It definitely does fix a bug: without the change, because
ops->destructor is shared (possibly with other net devices), IPoIB
ops->can't set it or clear it safely. I don't have exact details at
hand but this was definitely causing panics for people.

David> Furthermore, this version of the patch here will break the
David> build of ATM.

I'll admit I haven't tested but it looks OK to me -- it seems to have
the required chunk in clip.c.

I'm not going to fight too hard for it (I'll let Michael champion it
if he really cares), but I think this is a legitimate -stable patch:
it fixes a panic that real users are seeing.

- R.
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