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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Add a /proc/self/exedir link
On 4 Apr 2006, Jan Engelhardt whispered secretively:
> No objections. We'll see what it can buy us, when we get the chance
> to use it. If it sucks, it will find its way out again. :)

In my experience, if it sucks, it'll be part of the ABI and can't be
removed without breaking userspace code (to wit, /proc/{pid}/smaps,
whose only likely widespread user has declared it too horribly-formatted
to use (i.e. acahalan and procps), but it's still there...)

Stuff in /proc/{pid}/ doesn't die easily...

`Come now, you should know that whenever you plan the duration of your
unplanned downtime, you should add in padding for random management
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